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Since we're heading into the peak tornado season here in the US, I thought that this article would be helpful :).

Tornadoes are one of the more frightening weather phenomenons in nature. They have lead to some heartbreaking tragedies in recent years, like the kids in Oklahoma who lost their lives when an EF5 tornado tore through their elementary school last summer.

Not long after the school disaster another powerful twister led to the deaths of tornado researcher Tim Samaras and three other experienced tornado chasers. A number of tornadoes in past decade have each claimed dozens or even hundreds of lives.

Whether it's due to higher intensity storms or simply the fact that it's getting harder and harder for twisters to avoid populated areas, tornadoes seem to be having a more devastating impact than in many years past. The good news is that arming yourself with the proper knowledge can vastly improve you family's odds of survival. Here are some things to think about.

A) Arming your kids against a tornado.

Flying debris is the primary killer in a tornado. So anything you can do that would protect your child against blows to their head or body will increase their odds of survival.

For example, should a tornado warning be issued in your area, tell the kids to put on their bicycle helmet. If you really want to go all out on protection, dress them in a karate sparring vest or baseball catchers equipment to protect them from debris. Just be sure not to cover their hands or get overly carried away about it because you don't want to outfit them to the point where they are cumbersome or have a larger area to catch the wind. Once your children are geared up, get low in the safest area in your house and cover everyone up with couch cushions.

As silly as it might sound to put your child in armor as shielding against a tornado, it is effective. I know of one instance in particular where a young girl was wearing her bicycle helmet as a tornado passed over and destroyed her house. During the drama, she was hit in the head by a flying object. The helmet she was wearing was cracked in two by the collision. Her skull wasn't.

It was only because of the HELMET that she survived this tornado with minor injuries. Had her parents not had the presence of mind to have her wear it, this little girl almost certainly would have died.

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