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Warm- Up

Properly warming up is vital for beginning a workout. Benefits of an effective warm-up include:

  • Gradually increases muscle temperature. This reduces the chance of injury to muscles and joints. Increases muscles contractile strength and speed.
  • Warms up the nerve impulses so they travel faster during strenuous exercise. This produces better contractile strength and speed and better coordination.
  • Allows the body time to adjust blood flow.
  • Prevents early onset of fatigue.
  • Allows for a gradual increase in oxygen requirements. The increase from rest to exercise is slow and moderate, which reduces stress on the cardiovascular system.

Oxygen delivery and extraction is improved and overall physical performance is enhanced.

TIP: The equation to CALCULATE your MAXIMUM HEART RATE is as follows:

MAX HR = (220) – (YOUR AGE)

Cardiovascular Training

Proper cardiovascular training reduces the risk of heart disease. Cardiovascular training also reduces your resting heart rate, normalizes resting blood pressure and improves your ability to perform daily activities with ease. Benefits of cardiovascular training

  • Increased capillary density. This allows for better distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the working muscle, as well as it naturally promotes regular stool patterns.
  • Increased size and number of mitochondria. This allows your muscle to produce more ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) Allows your muscle cell to produce ATP aerobically. Sweating is a good indicator that ATP cells are being produced in your body.
  • Increased aerobic enzymes. It increases the protein substances in your body which enhances your ability to utilize oxygen.
  • Increased blood delivery. A stronger heart muscle can pump a greater amount of blood volume per beat. Blood has to flow freely to keep the body performing at optimum levels and help eliminate risks from diseases, infections, free radicals and the natural decay of body organs due to the ageing process. Proper circulation of blood is key in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Resistance Training

Every movement in your body requires the use of the muscular system.

Muscles produce force by contracting and relaxing based on the signals sent from your brain.

Believe it or not, muscles are very sensitive to training. They grow stronger and larger, which enables you to do everyday activities more easily.

Benefits of resistance training are as follows:

  • Increases muscle fibre size
  • Increases muscle contractor strength
  • Increases muscle tendon and ligament contractile strength
  • Increases bone strength


Repetition The completion of a specific movement or exercise through a complete range of motion.

Set The consecutive completion of a predetermined number of repetitions

Load The amount of weight or resistance that the client lifts with each repetition based on that clients goals and abilities.

Level, Type of training, Body figure you want to achieve.

60- Minute Beginner Workout

Warm-Up 5min

Cardio Training 25min

Resistance Training 25min

Relaxation 5min 60- Minute Weight Loss Workout

Warm-Up 5min

Cardio Training 30min

Resistance Training 20min

Relaxation 5min

60- Minute Muscle Gain Workout

Warm-Up 5min

Cardio Training 10min

Resistance Training 40min

Relaxation 5min

60- Minute Cross-Training Workout

Warm-Up 5min

Cardio Training 50min

Relaxation 5min




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